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Setting Up A Goat Pen 

June 1, 2022

Are you considering getting goats? If so, you’re definitely in for some fun and entertaining moments. Goats are very charismatic! Of course, a big part of keeping Billy happy is making sure that his pen is properly set up. A local Porters Lake, NS vet offers some advice on this below.


One thing that is important to consider is the purpose of your goats. If you just think that goats are adorable and want some pet ones, or perhaps give some rescued goats a forever home, you can likely do with a simple pen. If you want milk goats, you’ll need separate areas for mamas and babies. Whether or not you want to keep a buck is another thing to think about. Regardless, the fencing will need to be strong enough to keep out predators, such as wolves and coyotes.


Not sure how many goats your land can hold? Full-sized goats need about 23 square meters apiece. Mini goats can get by with less. 


You should never keep just one goat. Billy is very social, and needs buddies to be happy. You may also need to factor in some extra room for your herd to grow, especially if you want milk goats.


Goats are remarkably hardy. After all, many of them do scale sheer cliffs for fun. However, Billy is not impervious to weather. He’ll need a clean, dry shelter, one that will keep wind and rain out. Barns are the best option in our climate. 


Goats will eat all sorts of brush and berries. Try to accommodate Billy’s taste for variety. One option is to get a mobile pen you can move around. You could also start a goat landscaping business. Ask your vet for information on safe and unsafe plants.


Goats can be housed with other animals, such as horses, cows, donkeys, and sheep. Billy also gets along with many dogs, chickens, and alpacas. However, you can’t keep goats with pigs. They don’t play well together, and often end up fighting.


Goats love to climb … everything. Add things like seesaws, children’s slides, old coffee tables, and cable spools to your goatyard to make it fun for Billy. Just be sure to remove any sharp parts, like screws or nails.

Do you have questions about goat care? Contact us, your Porters Lake, NS animal clinic, today!