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Dr. Larkin

Dr. Kyra Larkin


When Dr. Kyra Larkin was a young child, she asked her parents for a horse. Given their modest living conditions and the family’s limited budget, her parents gently explained that owning a horse was expensive, particularly when it came to veterinary care. Not to be deterred, the young Dr. Kyra decided right then and there that she would simply become a vet so she could finally get the horse she wanted. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Dr. Kyra began her journey volunteering and working at a local small animal clinic during high school. This experience solidified her desire to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. She went on to attend Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, where she acquired her BSc in Agriculture. She then traveled to PEI to attend the Atlantic Veterinary College, where she obtained her DVM and (finally!) got her first horse. Dr. Kyra, along with her husband, started Complete Care Hospital for Pets in 2009.

From a professional standpoint, Dr. Kyra has a special interest in small animal dentistry. Whether it’s correcting a malocclusion or restoring a pet’s oral health, she loves hearing stories from clients about how much better their animal companion feels afterwards. She also enjoys going on farm calls and seeing the horses. Being an avid rider herself, Dr. Kyra finds the sweet smell of the hay and the soft snorts of the horses to be incredibly soothing.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Kyra is married to her husband, Tom Sladek, who co-owns and works at the practice as the CFO. Together, they have two adult children: William and Jessica. Their fur family consists of two dogs and two cats. Sweetie Pie is an energetic Shih Tzu mix who is quite the watch dog, and Betty is a Husky/Golden Retriever mix who balances her time between ball-chasing and being a lap dog.

Lettuce (like the salad) is their “special” cat who already has a few stamps on his 9 Lives Card. When he’s not dragging squirrels home, he’s usually curled up in your lap having a conversation with you. Moe is a very unique kitty. Due to inbreeding in a hoarding situation he resembles a Munchkin kitty. Moe loves everyone, purrs like a pigeon and has a propensity to sneeze in your face.

While Dr. Kyra had put her riding on hold to raise her family and start the new practice, she is excited to have recently returned to riding in the discipline of Dressage.


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