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Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!

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Operations Director

A well-run veterinary hospital must have a good operations director, and that’s the exact role that Amanda fills at Complete Care Hospital for Pets. She not only makes sure things run smoothly on a daily basis, she also loves the excitement of the unforeseen challenges that each day brings. As she puts it, “you never know what animal is going to walk through the front door!”

Amanda recalls getting a Shetland pony when she was younger being the defining moment of her life, as it sparked her interest in animals. After graduating from high school, she started working at an animal hospital to gain experience. She then attended the NSAC to complete their Animal Science Tech program, and then continued her studies by earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science.

Despite all of the experience and education she has obtained throughout the years, she still finds herself constantly learning new things about animals.

Originally from Milford, NS, Amanda would alternate between living in British Columbia and Nova Scotia for a while. She loves animals, but horses in particular have her heart, for which she credits her mom.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys different activities in each season; horseback riding in the fall, fishing in the spring, boating in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter!



Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kayla always had an interest in nursing and animals. A career in the veterinary industry, where she could continue to learn and grow, just seemed to be the natural choice. As a Registered Veterinary Technician, Kayla gets to combine her passions and fulfill her lifelong ambition.

While attending Maritime Business College, Kayla completed her student placement here at Complete Care Hospital for Pets. Upon her graduation in 2017, she was officially hired as part of the Complete Care team. Professionally, Kayla enjoys working in the lab and has a special interest in surgery and anesthesia. 

Outside of work, Kayla is pet mom to a Labrador retriever named Bart, whom she adopted recently. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys spending time with family, visiting their cottage, having barbecues, going on scenic drives, and hosting game nights.



Registered Veterinarian Technician

Ever since she was younger, Denielle has been involved with animals. Starting out in a kennel where she handled show dogs, she would gradually move onto working with horses in the barn, and then to a doggy daycare. All of that experience around animals has helped her become who she is today – a registered veterinary technician at Complete Care Hospital for Pets!

Denielle is not only passionate about her job, she loves all of the facets that come with it. She enjoys dealing with patient care for surgery and hospitalized patients. She relishes the ability to closely follow a medical case from the beginning when a sick patient walks in to the practice right to the end when they are reunited with their owner.

Born and raised in Mount Uniacke, Denielle grew up with 3 older siblings, who she would spend summer days playing outside with. Today she lives on an 8-acre property in South Rawdon with her husband, son and dog named Haze. Her heart fills with joy seeing all types of wildlife stroll through the acreage, and she loves watching Haze run around freely!



Registered Veterinarian Technician

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science major in Environmental and Animal Science from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Sabrina found herself longing to continue her education in Animal Medicine. While she originally had goals of working in wildlife, she has comfortably settled in as a registered veterinary technician at Complete Care Hospital for Pets. Here she gets to provide assistance to animals and their owners!

Post-college, Sabrina had the opportunity to travel to places like Guatemala and Thailand, where she would gain experience working with wildlife species. This was followed by a series of training in a variety of settings, including shelter medicine, general practice, orthopedic and emergency medicine. All of these experiences would help bolster her skill set for her current position.

Sabrina enjoys several aspects of being at Complete Care Hospital for Pets. She particularly likes working in the lab, assisting with dental procedures, and helping with administrative tasks. Alas, she relishes the ability to help educate clients who are caring for their pets’ various conditions. 

Having grown up on the Eastern Shore, Sabrina now lives locally with her husband, their daughter, two dogs and cat.



Veterinarian Assistant

Different people have different reasons for getting into the veterinary profession. For Rachael, her reason was simple enough: she believed that all creatures deserve to have the best care possible. As someone who has always been more interested in veterinary medicine than in human medicine, Rachael knew early on that a future in veterinary medicine was in the cards. Lo and behold, today she is a veterinary assistant at Complete Care Hospital for Pets!

Rachael was always surrounded by pets when she was younger. Whenever they would fall ill, she would wonder what she could’ve done to help them. She knew that other pet owners were feeling the same way, so getting into the veterinary field gives her the chance to help them and their animals.

After beginning her formal education as a licensed practical nurse, Rachael soon realized that her true calling was in veterinary medicine. She began attending the Veterinary Assistant program at a local college and from the moment she began, she knew that she’d made the right choice. 

A native of Dartmouth, Rachael grew up in a tight-knit family of 5 where everyone loves animals. Today, her family additions include her partner, her dog named Charlie, her guinea pigs Finn and Poe, and her gecko Anakin!




A native of Shelburne, NS, Joanne attended and graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University. After spending 28 years as the distribution manager for an energy company, she decided to retire and focus on her true lifelong passion – animals. The opportunity to be around animals at Complete Care Hospital as a receptionist was too good to pass up, and now Joanne is able to live out her dream every day!

When she’s not at the hospital helping animals and their owners, Joanne loves to explore the beautiful beaches in the Lake Echo area she recently moved to. She also enjoys canoeing and hiking.




Due to their ability to love humans unconditionally, Lisa has always found herself passionate about animals. Even while she pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry, Lisa’s love for animals was still evident. So when she discovered that Complete Care Hospital for Pets was looking to fill a receptionist/assistant position, she decided to apply and was promptly hired!

Being at Complete Care Hospital for Pets allows Lisa to fulfill her passion for the 3 things she loves most: animals, medicine and quality patient care. She is also a very social person, so she enjoys being able to communicate with clients and be around an amazing team at the hospital. Every morning Lisa wakes up eager to start her day at the hospital and do what she loves most. 

Originally from the Eastern Shore, Lisa now lives in Lawrencetown with her husband Arthur and their 5 children. She has 1 cat and 4 Shih Tzu’s who keep her occupied and entertained. In her free time, particularly during the summer months, Lisa and her family visit their seasonal campground to enjoy the great outdoors!



Practice Director

Unlike most of his colleagues, Tom wasn’t following a lifelong dream to pursue a career in the veterinary field. He simply married into it. That said, he takes his role as Practice Director seriously, and is happy to take on as much of the admin duties as possible so that his wife, Dr. Kyra Larkin, can focus on being the best doctor she can be to our patients!

Born in the Czech Republic, Tom’s family immigrated to Canada in 1968. He attended Lakehead University, where he obtained a degree in Forestry. A few years later, Tom joined the Canadian Air Force as a navigator. He spent 20+ years in the Regular Force and about six years in the Reserves.

During his time in the military, Tom was awarded the Wing Commanders Commendation, and received Letters of Appreciation from the Atlantic Commander of the Coast Guard, the Commander of Canada Command and the Joint Task Force Atlantic Commander. He joined the Complete Care Hospital team upon his retirement.

Together, Tom and Dr. Larkin have two adult children: a son named William and a daughter named Jessica. Their fur family consists of two dogs: a rescue Huskie/Golden/Shepherd mix named Betty and a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix named Sweetie Pie. They also have two rescue cats: Moe, who loves to ride the Roomba and sounds like a pigeon when he purrs, and Lettuce (formerly Laticia), whom they thought was a female, but turned out to be a male.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys doing home renovations and is the primary cook at home. He makes a pretty mean BBQ!


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