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Fido’s Top 2023 Moments

January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! As we toss out 2023 calendars and hang new ones, many people are reflecting back on the past 12 months and perhaps contemplating their own highs and lows. As it turns out, Man’s Best Friend had a few noteworthy moments in the past 12 months. Here’s a list of the top dog stories from 2023 from a local Lake Echo, NS vet.

Four-Legged Porch Pirate

In recent years, home delivery services have become increasingly popular. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! However, the convenience also comes with a downside: porch piracy also increased. It seems like Fido is also getting in on the mischief. Last year, a Prime delivery driver’s day literally went to the dogs when a German Shepherd kept taking off with a delivery package. Adorable chaos ensued.

You can find the video of the German Shepherd’s antics on TikTok, where it was posted by user @juicecupboxx.

Taking The Long Way Home

After fending for herself for a jaw-dropping seven-years, one fortunate canine is now safe and sound. Rose, a 12-year-old Patterdale terrier, had been living on her own near a small village in West Sussex, England has returned near Crawley Down. Last year, the Lost Dog Recovery UK received a call about the little dog. Rescuers came equipped with food and a camera, and successfully captured the pup, who was homeless but well-fed. (Turns out this stray had high standards, as it took warm roast chicken topped with paté to lure her into the cage.)

Rose did have a microchip, which brought rescuers to realize that she had been reported missing back in 2017. The poor thing had gotten lost within 24 hours of being adopted, and had survived all that time in the wild. 

Her former owners were delighted to hear that she was safe, but unfortunately were unable to take her back due to changes in their situation. We’re just happy to hear that the pooch is safe and warm. (And hopefully taking in all the love and affection in a new home by now.)

A Furever Home

Occasionally, a heartwarming story about dogs captures our attention. Such is the case with this next story. Chiquita, a lovable 12-year-old canine, was recently adopted after spending nearly two years in the care of a North Carolina animal rescue. Chiquita, also known as Chiqui, had been splitting time between the adoption center and foster care, because she was so scared and uneasy in the shelter environment. After a long 650 days, the pup finally got a home! 2024 is looking like it will be an excellent year for Chiqui, who is fond of walks and naps.

Pawsitive Communication

You may have seen or heard about paw pad buttons, which speak programmed words when dogs step on them. This may sound a bit out-of-the-box, but many of our canine pals have proven quite adept at learning how to communicate with their humans. (It probably won’t come as a shock to find that most pups use their paws to specifically ask for treats, walks, belly rubs, and playtime.) In fact, Fido’s affinity for speaking is currently being studied by the University of California San Diego.

Mystery Respiratory Canine Illness

This one is definitely not our favorite story, but it’s still worth mentioning. A mysterious respiratory disease is affecting our canine friends. Outbreaks have been reported in both the US and Canada.

Dog owners should be aware of the potential danger the as-yet-unnamed illness poses to Fido. While most pups recover with good care, tragically, the mystery disease has caused the deaths of multiple dogs, with some succumbing in just 24 hours. Contagion risks are greatest in areas where there is a large number of canines, such as dog parks and kennels. 

It’s not a bad idea to take extra precautions, particularly if your furry bestie has a weakened immune system and/or preexisting health conditions. Keep a close eye out for symptoms, which include coughing, fever, loss of appetite, and difficulty breathing. If you observe any of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to contact your Lake Echo, NS veterinarian immediately.

Together Forever

It’s always heartwarming to hear stories of dogs reuniting with their owners. A recent one that stands out is from San Antonio, Texas. U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Mike Alcala was fortunate enough to be able to adopt his former canine partner, a German shepherd named John. The brave dog immediately  formed a strong bond with Alcala when they first met in 2018. The two became certified as a team just two weeks later, and worked together for three years, often protecting high-profile figures. Last year, Alcala was able to give John the loving home and comfortable retirement he deserves.

Italian Bracco

You’ve likely heard the old adage about how everything old becomes new again. This old wives tail certainly holds true for the Bracco Italiano, or the Italian Pointing Dog. Considered the oldest European Pointer, this breed is a mix of the Segugio Italiano and the now-extinct Asiatic Mastiff. The breed seems to have been developed way back in the fourth or fifth century B.C. Fido gained popularity during medieval times and was especially favored by noble families during the Renaissance period. However, his fortunes took a turn for the worse at the beginning of 20th century, when poor breeding practices resulted in health issues and an undesirable body conformation. Thankfully, dedicated breeders stepped in and saved the day. Fans of the Bracco focused on careful selection, and also managed to unite two distinct variations of this breed. The result? This Very Good Boy was saved from extinction.

Today, Fido is known for being intelligent, loyal, and lovable. He also bounded onto the Westminister Dog Show last year. 

The News Has Gone To The Dogs

The weather usually isn’t the most captivating topic on the news, unless of course there are extreme conditions. However, every so often, the forecast takes an unexpected turn. That happened in 2023,  when an adorable dog named Bella made an appearance on the morning weather report. New England weatherman Josh Judge was informing viewers about sunny conditions when he received a surprise visit from a fluffy black and white pooch, Bella. Turns out that Bella belonged to one of the weekend anchors and was tagging along for a guest appearance on a segment about veterinarians. Or, maybe she was just excited about the forecast, which would of course be great walking and playing weather. (Have we mentioned that we think all weather reports should feature dogs?)

Truly Puplifting News

It’s always heartwarming to witness dogs finding their forever homes. Several sweet pups in Pennsylvania were able to fulfill their wishes last year. A few weeks ago, the Adams County Pennsylvania SPCA announced that, after nearly 50 years, all of their adoptable dogs had found homes, leaving all of the cages empty. (Well, almost empty. A stray cat wandered in just before the official announcement was made.) Talk about A Christmas miracle!

We also want to send our encouragement to the shelter. The post also mentioned that the shelter has successfully found homes for 598 animals this year and reunited 125 lost pets with their worried owners. Keep up the good work, guys! 

Happy New Year from Complete Care Hospital for Pets, your local Lake Echo, NS animal hospital. Please contact us for all your dog’s veterinary care needs in 2024 and beyond.