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Cat scratching wall

Keeping Kitty Amused

Cats are known for being fun and quirky pets. One reason Fluffy is so fun to have around is the fact that she has bursts of playfulness. It’s always adorable when a kitty decides to attack a bottlecap or pounce…

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White Goat

Setting Up A Goat Pen 

Are you considering getting goats? If so, you’re definitely in for some fun and entertaining moments. Goats are very charismatic! Of course, a big part of keeping Billy happy is making sure that his pen is properly set up. A…

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dog on dirt path

‘Spot’ Light On Herding Dogs

Do you have a herding dog? Whether you’ve adopted one to help with livestock, or just as a family pet, it’s probably safe to say that your canine buddy is smart, active, and quite a character. A local Lake Echo,…

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Dog in the woods

Signs Of Doggy Dental Trouble

Did you know that dogs can be afflicted by a variety of dental issues, such as gum disease, abscesses, and misalignments? Man’s Best Friend also sometimes cracks or breaks his teeth chewing on or playing with hard objects. Your four-legged…

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Cow on a meadow during sunset-close up.

Caring For A Mini Cow

Are you interested in miniature cattle? Mini cows usually are around 32 to 48 inches when full grown, which is much smaller than the average cow. These little guys are pretty new to the scene, but they are already becoming…

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Horse at fence railing

8 Ways To Prevent Colic In Horses 

If you’ve spent any amount of time near horses, you’re likely familiar with colic. Colic is one of the most dangerous medical conditions horses can develop. There are several different types of colic, and several potential causes. However, while nothing…

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